A large number of businesses are penalized each and every year because they make errors in their payroll processing. These mistakes can be very expensive and really highlight why you should consider hiring a specialized organization to do your company payroll services. This is also true because it means you will no longer need to hire a separate employee to do the work for you, nor will you have to train yourself in payroll when you should be concentrating on your own job. Of course, the most important thing is that it gives you the peace of mind that you are following all the laws and regulations. Let’s take a look at things you should know about choosing company payroll services

Financial Protection

The first thing you must know is what sort of insurance the payroll company offers. You have to have the guarantee that if mistakes are made, you won’t be responsible for them. Unfortunately, even payroll companies make errors from time to time.

Backup Strategies and Disaster Recovery

You also need to find out what sort of backup strategies are in place. Various disasters can cause all files and information to get lost, which means the payroll could not be dealt with properly. So, find out how they back up their computers, where everything is stored and how quickly they are able to recover the information.

Customer Service

You need to have conversations with the actual person who will be handling your payroll, rather than a company representative who deals with selling you their packages. You must feel that they will offer you the service that you actually need and that you can actually trust them to do this work. Do also make sure that you look into the company as a whole. Try to find reviews from previous and current customers on how their accounts were handled and whether they ever had any problems. Try to make sure you receive reviews from companies that are like yours in terms of size and niche.


Naturally, the price you pay is very important as well. Structures vary from one company to the next, with some offering full packages, others having fees for certain periods, or fees per person on payroll. You may also incur additional charges for things like W2s and year end processing. Generally speaking, the payroll companies will try to attract you with special offers such as free months or introductory rates. You should take advantage of these if you can, but do make sure that you are aware of what the service will cost you once the introductory period is over.

Integration of Benefits

Finally, you should look into whether or not the company can also deal with your employee and employer benefits. It is reasonably common for services such as online access to be available, but you may also want to think of things such as your 401K, health insurance, workers compensation, attendance solutions and so on. Do make sure that they can grow as your company does as well.

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