People don’t want to work forever

You want to keep your best people happy because the best employees dream further than the next paycheck. Finding talent that understands your vision means working with People that have their own. These employees are usually the type with big dreams, and plans that extend beyond their next paycheck and PayPros understands this. That’s why we offer access to the financial resources that will keep your people solvent for long after they retire. As your PEO, we’ll help your people lay the foundation for a solid financial future.

  • 401k Products (Traditional and Roth)
  • Complete Flexibility in how you structure your employer match, profit share, etc.
  • Full access to our Investments Specialists
  • Easy 401k Merging
  • Easy Enrollment
  • Online Access
  • John Hancock Products

Think ahead – They’ll thank you later

If your employees are young and healthy, chances are they don’t think a lot about retirement. But if you want to keep them happy enough to continue working for you, then you need to think about it for them. One of the most important elements to employee retention is good retirement and benefits package, and the older your employees are the more this matters to them.

How can PayPros help your people plan for retirement?

401(k) Products (Traditional and Roth) – We can help your employees understand the difference between traditional 401(k) plans and Roth IRA plans, and see how each of them can play a role in their retirement savings plans. Our plans allow the flexibility to choose the right mix of mutual funds and investments to match your employees’ retirement goals. Complete Flexibility – Not every employer can afford to match every penny that their employees contribute to a 401(k) plan, but there are other ways to help them save for retirement. We offer the flexibility to structure your profit sharing or employer match to meet your company’s budget. Full access to our Investments Specialists – Our specialists help your employees get the most from their retirement plans by offering advice and consultation on choosing funds, allocating their contributions, rollovers and more. Easy 401k Merging – When you hire a new employee, they may want to merge a 401(k) from a former employer into your plan. We will help them accomplish this quickly and easily. Easy Enrollment – As your PEO, PayPros will create a turnkey enrollment process that will get your employees signed up and ready to participate in your retirement plan. Online Access – When you work with us, your people won’t need to wait until a statement arrives in the mail; they will get instant online access and the ability to make changes to their fund allocations and contributions in real time. John Hancock Products – PayPros offers a complete suite of John Hancock retirement products. John Hancock has a history of stability and localized support for their group annuity programs, making them a solid choice for your company’s retirement plans. If you want to offer your best people a secure financial future, it’s best to leave this up to the retirement specialists at PayPros. We’ll set you up with a retirement package that will keep your employees happy for years to come.

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